At GPS Business Group, creating the correct degree of client expectation, and then delivering on that expectation is our fundamental commitment to our clients. We base our success on how well our clients are able to achieve their own success.

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I thank you, Chris, for helping me learn so many important things/ principles in my life. I really intend to work properly, with all my strength to help my team to increase our goal. I will not to be so negative with myself…trusting more on my potential. Now I really feel committed with the spirit if my business.
Helen Burns

CEO, Helen Burns and Associates, Ireland

Chris recently help a 2-day seminar with 45 of the UK coaches. The event was truly inspiring… Chris took on board the requirements of the group, allowing the preplanned content to take on board input from other coaches. It would have been all too easy to push the agenda and his prepared presentation [but he did not]. These two days have been an incredible opportunity. Chris has facilitated an amazing amount of learning and of sharing best practice.
Paula Cohen

Owner, Panoramic Business Coaching Limited, North West UK

It’s wonderful to see how you can keep such a high level of energy in the room. Being consistent and congruent in the way you train us, here in Lisbon. Give us confidence to look forward to be trained by you again in the future as many times as I can.
Anabela Conde


When I came to this meeting I was afraid that I would not understand what we were going to talk about. But, with Chris’ help and his simple way of making things ‘easy’ and achievable. Not only did I understand it all, as I learned, I have a long way to go, and that made my confidence level to better serve my clients. Thank you.
Teresa Botelho

CEO, Botelho Dias Firm, Portugal

Chris is totally congruent with the values he espouses when on stage and in initial consultations. His focus is totally on the customer and adding as much value as possible to the customer’s experience. His approach is characterized by high energy, enthusiasm, caring and outcome focus.
Mark Hunter

CEO, Hunter Express

Thank you for the time you invested in me. While starting out skeptically, I soon realized that what you were going is a fundamentally important initiative. Further, I Soon realized it is incumbent on me to 1) participate and 2) share what I have learned. Thanks again.
Mike Rady

Victoria, Australia

A Stunning interactive experience to reinforce business owners as world leaders, to be the best they can be to take their learnings and development to their clients and the world.
David Forrester

CEO, Theafactor, Ireland

Chris, you are one amazing person. Your enthusiasm and knowledge make the learning process so enjoyable – I can’t wait for the next workshop!
George Hannides

Central Midlands UK

Many thanks for a great coaching. It has give me even more reasons to take my business to the next level.
Bill Fox

South East UK

Thanks, Chris. This is some of the best training I have been on. Your ability to facilitate a group and gain 110% participation is inspiring – I have learned so much from you. You are an example of best of breed, but more importantly, you let the group teach by personal example, which just blew the room away. Can’t wait ‘til the next tie I get a chance to experience your presence again.
Gregory Barron

CEO, Profit from Action Ltd, London

Chris: Thank you for coming to Dublin and sharing your knowledge and inspiration. You don’t know yet how powerful your workshop will be s a catalyst for change in Ireland. I will ask for your help in bringing us together and launching the future of business here. I will also shared with you some success stories as they emerge. Thank you. Please come back and help again.
Paul Fagan

CEO, Times Three Limited, Ireland

Hi Chris: Wow, that was a blast! Andrew and I drove back to Ottawa after the workshop and had some awesome discussions from our learning and realizations. I planted some great seeds on the weekend and want to thank you for creating the environment for that to happen. They will grow and carry me far over the next few months. Thanks for being a wonderful person and a huge contributor to the wellbeing of others! Enjoy the adventure.
Grant Mellow

Business Owner, Ontario, Canada

Chris Steely is an amazing communicator and really inspiring! Apart from the knowledge that he passes on, is the willingness to actually make change in our lives! Well Done!
Manuela Gomes

Lisbon, Portugal

I help my clients with focus and clear action plans. This is exactly what Chris gives with his training. I’m leaving with greater focus and higher energy to work my action plan.
Josh McGinnis

Bedford, TN

 Chris takes the time to lean in and listen to what you as the owner or brand of your business is really looking for. To help identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can learn to capitalize on your strongest assets while filling the gaps in your biggest energy leaks.
Jenn Pike

Creator of The Simplicity Project & Best-Selling Author

It was a pleasure spending time with you recently in Las Vegas. That way you expertly delivered and facilitated allowed me to get many ideas, BFO’s and distinctions. Just the sales section will help me increase my conversion rate. Thanks mate. You are truly inspirational.
Andy Hemming

Chameleon Business Coaching Limited, West Midlands, UK

I’d like to thank you for your brilliant presentation in Paris. Your expertise made a real difference for our team here and for my business. Great job, Chris. Take care.
Jerome Goumis

XAPACO SARL, Aquitaine, France

It was a pleasure to have worked with Chris to clarify our strategic goals from the business, and to gain an appreciation of the tactical activities that required immediate initiation to achieve these greater goals. Since our sessions with Chris, the business has achieved strong results in terms of both sales growth, and a culture that values true performance. The most rewarding aspect of our sessions was, perhaps, Chris’ ability to strike a balance between our requirements from the business, as well as from ourselves at a personal level. The coaching sessions ensured an equal emphasis on how we as people were expected to grow with the business, and to maintain a sense of balance between work and our own personal lives through ever increasing demands placed on us by our work. Thank you, Chris Steely!
Nasir Tajuddian

Operations Manager, Community Training Australia Pty Ltd

Chris, you are a model of authenticity in coaching. Your intention, presence and spirit allowed me t o go where I need to go. The heart you bring to your calling is inspired and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and caring. Thank you for coming to experience New Zealand.
Jeff Turner

CEO, 4th Dimensions, Christchurch, New Zealand

Great workshop with a fantastic presenter, content and practical association and tools. Chris is a top coach for me to model. I know that I can achieve my goals just by rallying the system, the attitude and behavior of Chris. Thanks!
Ricardo Cabral

CEO, Fast Improve Consulting, Portugal

Massive gratitude for the last two days. Taking the time out to enthuse, inspire and activate us to move to the next level. Great facilitations, skills, and a role model for the community. You are a huge inspiration.
Neale Lewis

The Business Practice Ltd, Central Midlands, UK

Chris has an amazing ability to use his natural passion for helping people. Great leaders lead from the heart and his inspiration this weekend has engaged so many people to participate, creating huge learnings and excitement as well as pride for being part of this amazing community.
Neil Woodall

Business Coach, North West UK

Thanks for your time today. I appreciated you energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to support us in our coaching journey and to lead by example/ I get most enjoyment when I learn something new that I can’t UNLEARN. I look forward to catching up again soon.
Karen Daly Smith

Principal, The Corporate Greenhouse, Pennsylvania

Chris Steely’s zest for life is infectious; he brings out the best in people. The training he provides is exceptional and his friendly nature has won him many friends.
Brad Sugars

Chairman & Founder, Actioncoach

Chris’ energy and commitment to our community is inspiring and fills me with a sense of what is possible in the world.
Kevin Kenny

Dublin, Ireland

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