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For more than 25 years, we have coached business owners to transform their businesses and lives into world-class, inspiring operations – and we can do the same for you. Most business leaders ultimately realize that employees who feel motivated and supported will perform at their highest level, yet not all of those leaders know how to create a proactive environment within their organization.

Our Team

Chris Steely

Managing Director

A Marine Corps Major with 25 years of business experience, who has coached companies throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. A former Anthony Robbins Speaker and success coach who has started, built, and sold companies, Chris’ reputation includes his ability to help high-growth businesses increase their sales, profits, and cash flows, developing focused strategies, and professionally managed organizations. His background includes international business coaching, business ownership, corporate executive leadership positions, and service as an active duty United States Marine Corps Logistics Officer.

Chris owns businesses, co-authored two books, and has been featured as a business expert on countless international stages. As a creative problem solver, Chris inspires creativity in others through outstanding communication skills and keen insights into “unconventional” methodologies, which has proven revolutionary for many of his Clients. He’s generated over $10 million in annual revenue through partner channels, developing and driving channel strategies and executives relationships, leveraging a global business partner base.

Vanessa Hall founded and leads the world’s only International Movement of Trust. Her business experience has seen Vanessa move from a career in risk management and compliance in the financial services industry, to a respected advisor improving what she calls the 3 R’s of trust – Results, Retention and Relationships, through strategies to build and restore trust in organizations, homes and communities.

Her personal experiences left Vanessa doubting if there was anyone in the world she could trust. It was a combination of her business and personal experiences, coupled with an epiphany brought about by her son, that ignited an unstoppable passion and a clear, God given mission that has seen Vanessa dedicate her life to teaching, advising, coaching, speaking, and writing to raise a new awareness to the power and fragile nature of trust through her uniquely simple but powerful model of trust.

Vanessa Hall

International Ambassador For Trust

Gordon McWilliam

Lead Consultant

Gordon’s corporate and entrepreneurial background in marketing, sales, operations and day to day management gives him the unique ability to bring his knowledge and innovation to a broad spectrum of businesses. His willingness to listen and analyze a problem before finding a solution is key to working with his clients and is a significant strength. As a lifelong learner, Gordon has always been able to stay ahead of the curve by bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the status quo.

While consulting with companies around the world, Gordon is able to teach his clients how to take advantage of the significant opportunities in the marketplace and avoid the mistakes that so often cause businesses to grow slowly or in many cases fade away. Consulting, coaching and collaborating with organization to achieve their maximum growth provides his greatest satisfaction.

Wendy is a workshop Creator and Facilitator, as well as a Life/Career coach. With almost 30 years of earnestly studying and honing her skills as an actor and human being are the platform for what she offers in the IGNITE Your Career – Goals and Success Workshop, the Master Class, and her one-on-one coaching. Wendy has discovered that the power of who we show up to be in our lives, our beliefs, and our vision are reflected in our careers, relationships.

Wendy has faced the challenge of a life-threatening illness, and can attest to overcoming it through embracing it as an opportunity to learn and grow. As an avid athlete, and as her personal commitment to wholeness, she has taught martial arts, participated for three years in the 575-mile California AIDS Ride, and placed in the top ten in her first triathlon in 2006.

Wendy has always been committed to seeking the answers to HOW one can be fulfilled and successful. Through this learning, which is woven into the fabric of her workshops and their message, she has discovered tools that have made her and her clients more successful, more fulfilled, more authentic, and more aligned with what they can offer this world.

Wendy Haines

Senior Consultant

Kim Bonniksen, Ed.D.

Director of Information Marketing

Kim heads our effort to support organizations with professional research, branding, strategy, and instructional model, optimizing their marketing messages in the marketplace. Taking advantage of the depth of experience and credentials, Kim guides our clients to innovate both practice and message. We have collaborated in support of hundred of companies, from startups to Costco, University of Phoenix, NAPA AutoCare, CDMSmith, CH2Mill, Business Breakthroughs International: a Chet Holmes/ Tony Robbins Company, iNACOL (International Association Online Learning) and the National Concierge Association.