Comfort Zones: The concept has become cliché. As business coaches and idealists, we are conditioned to push past our own comfort zones, and inspire our clients to do the same. He’s a perspective:

As we expand ourselves, seeking to broaden our horizons, we are all aware of the boundaries that surround us; boundaries of business, government, culture, race, religion, intellect, etc. These boundaries represent areas which we each choose to stay within, for whatever reason. Oftentimes, these reasons include ignorance of the possibilities on the other side.

Challenge yourself to view these boundaries as “curtains,” which shield your view from the possibilities, of which you are yet aware. As these curtains remain down, we are oblivious to the potential that lies outside of our existing zones of comfort. Instead, visualize these curtains being raised, allowing a view of the areas outside of your current boundaries. Suddenly, your possibilities will be endless…

As Maslow pioneered, we all strive to avoid the paid of risk, and seek to maintain our states of comfort and pleasure, by ignoring what’s beyond our curtains; our boundaries; our possibilities. The challenge with which we are all faced is to keep the curtain up, and do our utmost to see past our boundaries and our limitations.

Remember that comfort makes cowards of us all. As long as we are comfortable, and have the perceived “luxury” of avoiding our boundaries, we will continue to put-off opportunities to truly grow and expand into our possibilities.

Strive to keep your curtains up. Fear is the big procrastinator. Confront your fear (false evidence appearing real), and push past it. Then encourage and inspire your clients to do the same.

Cause is influence; affect represents the results (this is where the victim state lies). So BE THE CAUSE. Ask yourself: “what is my agenda?” Then implement it.

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke