Live Events

GPS Live Events

Our mission at our live events is to help business owners grow the top line so we want to make sure the people who are in the room are leaders; truly ready for embracing new ideas and willing to take action.

The GPS Business Group Summit is a powerful day full of both cutting edge and tried and true business strategies designed to help you grow your business faster, easier and with far fewer mistakes.

Half And Full Day Events

1/2 Day Events

How to adapt your business to thrive in the New Economy

How to develop a blueprint for significantly increasing annual revenue in as short as 12 months

Do’s and Don’ts learned from thousands of consulting Clients on what works and what doesn’t work in these challenging economic times.

Powerful techniques for marketing in a way that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Full Day Events

How to attract the very best customers for your business, service or product, and not just any customers.

How to build and manage a rock star sales team, no matter your budget or company size

The art of lead generation and, equally as important, lead conversion.

The secret to building professional networks of influencers that propel your 
business to new levels

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