People who are committed to making a difference (“Differentiators”) are Courageous.

Take the word COURAGE. What does it bring to mind? Ponder it for a moment…

In our society these days, it’s important to ENcourage one another, and not DIScourage. As we all do our best, ENcouraging (fostering and promoting courage) is imperative versus focusing on breaking people down, and mitigating their courage.

The military defines courage as the mental quality that recognizes fear or criticisms but enables a man to proceed in the face of it with calmness and firmness.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, success means being willing to learn to do things that make you uncomfortable or that you dislike doing. The things you avoid doing will cause you to be less effective in your business.

Everyone has fear, but powerful leaders learn to overcome it, learn to act with it, confronting those things they avoid and do not want to deal with. In fact, sometimes the courageous thing is to give up. It might mean facing the truth about something.

Now take a few minutes and consider:

– What things do you avoid in your work due to fear?

– Think about things in your life that might take courage to let go of.

– What in your life do you must do, that you need courage to do?

– What is it that you need to do that you’ve been avoiding?


Journal on these points now, and confront your realities relative to how you’re stepping up now, and how you’re planning to step up in 2017.