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GrowthMap Assessment

Companies are, and should be, focused on their core mission. However when focusing on the day-to-day operations of a given business, maximizing market share and fine tuning sales and marketing can often slip through the cracks.

At GPS, we will identify what you are doing well as well as shed light on the blind spots “we all have” that are costing your company your three very precious resources: Time, Money, and Energy.

What We Do Best

Find Missing or Lost Revenue Opportunities

Design Sales and Marketing Strategic Plans

Personal and Professional Development

Advance Revenue Growth Initiatives

World-Class Sales and Sales Management Training

Complete A – Z Online Marketing Support

3 Part Guarantee

Our FIRST GUARANTEE is that you will develop a clear action plan you can use to set direction, dramatically increase revenue, create profit-centered policy, and inspire your team to achieve a brighter future.

Our SECOND GUARANTEE is that we will help you find what we call “restraining factors” — obstacles or inefficiencies that are keeping your business from growing and costing you money.

Our THIRD GUARANTEE! We are so confident that you will find extraordinary value in our GrowthMAP™ process that, you’ll only pay $1,997.00 in advance to start the 10-Day process. Then, you only owe the balance of $2,000 ($3,997 total), if and only if, you see the extraordinary value you’re achieving.

Our Process

Starting Is Simple

  1. You will fill out a detailed company profile.
  2. Your leadership team will have two, 2-hour sessions with your consultant.
  3. The consultant will return within 10 business days of your second session with your GrowthMAP™ Road map of every strategy – method and tactic you’ll need to deploy to capture maximum market share.

Our Entire Process

  1. Two, 2-hour sessions with a GPS Consultant specially trained in our GrowthMAP™ process.
  2. Completion of a Massive Audit Program and Strategic Plan of Action.
  3. A comprehensive organizational profile.
  4. An organizational “Gap” assessment.
  5. A download session sharing your new GrowthMAP™ with a GPS consultant.
  6. The Identification of the “Restraining Factors” impacting you and your organization

Opportunities For Action

  1. Low hanging fruit.
  2. Foundational or structural things to be fixed.
  3. Long-term growth opportunities in areas such as client acquisition, marketing optimization, and more.
  4. You walk away knowing that you have seen, ranked, and monetized every piece of your business that will get you the most return on investment to implement.

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