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Every business owner must continually look outside their own team for market trends and opportunities. We have a broad view of unfolding dynamics because of our global reach.


The competitive marketplace demands the ability to think and act using knowledge and experience. Our team, collectively, has served thousands of clients worldwide.


Without courage, strategy is just hope. GPS Business Group helps owners develop a bias toward action by speaking with data and leveraging our decades of consulting experience.


What gets measured, gets done. Easy to say, harder to do. We assess and improve a company’s policies, practices and procedures for a more successful operation.

About GPS Business Group

Our number one passion is working with business leaders to grow revenue through innovative strategies, and battle tested execution plans. Our client work leads to increased profits and cash flow fueling increased market share and company valuation.


Personalized executive support with defined goals and objectives. Frequency of interaction is flexible and designed to achieve a positive outcome. Leverages the experience and capabilities of GPS’s team of professionals in order to stimulate business leaders into action.


A deep dive into the Sales and Marketing operations of the business. Particular focus to install/restore the policies, practices, and procedures required to maximize revenue growth and profits. This is GPS’s sweet spot as our consultants have worked with hundred of leaders to generate more cash for their businesses.

Assessments and Workshops

Continuing education is the life’s blood of an organization, and simply getting our of the office to attend professional sales and marketing training can boost performance and morale. GPS Business Group one-day sessions can become an annual activity for management teams.


If you want to grow your business, mitigate inefficiencies and missed opportunities that are costing you business; You’re in the right place! The current economy is shifting very quickly and is challenging for many businesses to navigate but that can be a huge advantage to you.


The online business management platform that provides strategic planning, custom project and real-time metrics dashboards, integrated meetings and communication.

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